Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Filip Ospaly @ ITU WCS Promo Video

Filip Ospaly spotted on ITU World Championship promo video. Click the button with national flags below the video player and enjoy Filip who is passing two of his competitors ;)


Monday, April 27, 2009

MR to Hit 10.000 Downloads This Month

Thanks to lifehacker.com and several other sites, my spare time project MindRaider will hit 10.000 downloads this month only at sf.net (April 2009). Despite the fact that there is no doc, UI is a bit chaotic and I work on it just for my personal pleasure it seems that the result is not that bad :)


SLS3 Dilemma

After being injured twice this month (left and right carf, tentacle's tendons), I bought SLS3 compression socks. I was skeptic, but because I was in trouble I decided to give them a shot. The arguments sound reasonable and Paula Radcliffe (my woman runner idol) wears them several seasons - so they must be good, right? ;)

I did tempo workouts and a long run (>20 miles) and I'm pretty sure that it works. I feel much better, especially the recovery is significantly faster. The socks are designed properly, so I do not afraid of blisters even in the marathon. I look funny when I wear them, but at least I do not have to shave my legs :)

The problem is that I have a dilemma right now - should I wear them in my next race or not? Will see...


1/2 marathon PB: 1:29:27 > 1:23:16 > 1:21:59

I have improved my half-marathon best two times this year. PIM - first I cut more than 6 minutes. Check very nice race simulator (Google maps mashup). Pardubice - I was injured week before the race, I got a wrong number due to organizers fault, I had to make Jeff Galloway's walking break intermezzo... despite of that, I set my new personal best and cut more than minute to 1:21:59 ;)

Kubik also finished his first big race in Pardubice. He was riding tuned Specialized hotwalk and obviously had his personal pacemaker.

Prague International Marathon: half marathon, 1:23.17, 125th place/4537 runners.

Pardubice Half-marathon (Czech championship): half marathon, 1:21:59, 87th place/826 runners.