Sunday, July 10, 2005

EU Patents: Battle continues...

EU parliament finally rejected proposal of the law act that should legalize SW patents! It is important win...

...but battle continues. Patent danger is waiting in the dark and looking for another chance. There still exists theoretical possibility, that patent legalization will be injected to some "off-topic" directive - like when it was passed to Council of Agriculture and Fisheries. Fortunately it was blocked by Poland.

Legalization of patents is now left in jurisdiction of member states. E.g. in case of Czech Republic it wont be easy - between a few representatives that vote for SW patents were Czechs. Also influential goverment consultants are connected with world leading SW vendors.

I still hope that commons sense will succeed ;-)

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Google Cluster Innards

As a part of my personal research related to Vodyanoi, I created a presentation describing Google cluster internals - SW, HW and programming methodology. There is also a few "old school" photos ;-)