Saturday, December 22, 2007

drum 'n' sub-base

As Fab described in one of his shows '07 was heavy year with high number of extremely good tunes. Release by release we were supplied with extraordinary things. Personally I see the main reason in the spin of the dubstep and its influence to dnb. Dubstep added a new axis to the dnb tunes - the sub-base - and thus a brand new vibe.

Last year I heard an interview with Goldie, he was talking about Commix as his favorite Metalheadz crew. This year I got it - Call to Mind is the album of the year for me. Commix became member of my very special selection of dnb warriors. Tunes like Belleview or Be True clearly confirm the trend I have described above.

No retreat, no surrender by my big dogs! High Contrast dropped definite tune of the year If we ever (Tough Guys Don't Dance @ Hospital). There is everything - check old school jungle drums, beautiful vocal by Diane Charlemagne and sub-base vibe. Lomax attacked with Brain Freeze (Brain Freeze @ Spearhead). Klute got me again with with his standardly outstanding release and 174 BPM (The Emperor's New Clothes @ Commercial Suicide) - is it liquid funk, dubstep or what? ;-)

Looking forward to '08!

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Thursday, December 20, 2007

RESTafarian's Weapons