Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Vodyanoi Foundation: KnoBot

Today I got mail from Reto Bachmann-Gmür, who is the action man behind KnoBot. Reno grasped Vodyanoi idea and found out that KnoBot can be the right piece of software to use - and I think so ;-)

Immediately without tiring discussions (and my assistance) he started to hack KnoBot and MR together - check this and understand it:

It's always pleasure to get in touch with hacker like Reno. Respect!


Monday, April 18, 2005

Floex's 5 Cents

My brother, respectable new media artist and musician, prepared a few informal sketches of MR graph navigator. This design aims to make rendered graph synoptic, light and neat ;-) Check his proposals:




Attach Your Friend

In case that it would not be obvious...

Similarly as Wikipedia common semantics ontology, FOAF will serve as identity resource for MindRaider. So whenever you will refer to a person, you will be able to associate its name with FOAF identity or to attach its URI to concept.

Thus creation of social networks, genealogies, but also common mind maps will be more accurate.


Wikipedia as MR Ontology

It's clear that Wikipedia is one of the best common semantics ontologies currently available. It's not artifical stuff created by a distinguished professor at some university Sematic Web department. In fact live & real world data maintained by Wikipedia has associated both URI (ok, it's URL - but who cares, nobody's perfect :-), rdfs:label (topic title) and annotation (rdfs:comment) of the concept.

So Wikipedia's "common semantics" vocabulary ideally completes personal mind maps created with MindRaider. Following up to the previous post I would like to incorporate Wikipedia auto-complete functionality to Concept's annotation.

Stay tuned!