Friday, May 27, 2005

Slowing Down...

... as you probably noticed. But do not be affraid, MR still lives on the SW planet.

There are multiple reasons why MR development is less intensive:
  1. I was able to release relatively stable version.
  2. Also release of the product that is being developed by the team in the company where I work is approaching and (believe or not) big portion of the responsibility for the technical design is up to me. So I need to concentrate on it, to think about it days and nights, ... while capturing my thoughts using MR :-)
  3. Running is more fun than the destination... I'm European - living in the northerm hemisphere and it's almost summer. Every winter I fatten - 13 kilograms from last august. And every spring I'm starting over in order to become (ultra)marathoner again. It's tough this year - only 6 kilograms behind me.
Be sure that I'm working on the MR - you may await brand new features that will make it more usable. Also a lot of things is happening these days:
  1. There is brand new release of the Gnowsis for some time.
    Contrats Leo ;-)

  2. I visited a few "SW happenings" like KEG seminar on Semantic Management of Web Services presented by Steffen Staab.
    Kaon stuff - you probably know that. Presentation was interesting, project seems to be promissing... unfortunately imho it's too academic and burden by WS related biases - understanding of the key specs would help to make that project "real-world acceptable".

  3. Today I had a chance to visit meeting with Daniela Florescu and Donald Kossman - smart XQuery evangelists (and (co)authors of the spec).
    Presentation pronounced by Daniela was technical and extremely interesting - explaining LISP background, declarative programming lessons learned, XSLT vs XQuery relationship, XQuery infoset and formal semantics, etc. Also it was very informative to see what people like Daniela and Donald think about RDF, OWL and SPARQL that is "...being made by these open source people..." :-)
That's all for today, next time I will be more technical again ;-) Keep enjoying MR!