Wednesday, February 02, 2005

On the way towards SW

After exchanging a few emails with Danny Ayers (who forced me to formulate some MR related thoughts - thanks Danny ;-) I decided to describe in more details e-mentality future, and how MR fits to this jigsaw.

To start with, be sure that MR is just beginning. Both in terms of technical implementation and functionality. As you probably determined, released MR version is in fact a prototype. A lot of work have to be done to make it work properly.
But purpose of this (and future) MR releases is to establish basic building block of e-mentality. I.e. MR accomplished its mission. Currently I simply don't want to take care of technical details - I just want to show the direction.

As far as the future of MR is concerned, I want to go after my primary goal - Sematic Web enabled user agent allowing you to practice mapping of your mind that can be shared with others.

In other words I want to enable MR users to:

  • "Materialize" their thoughts in a way that is comprehensible both for humans and machines.

  • Categorize their own concepts using convenient taxonomies in order to let machines suspect what is going on.

  • Annotate thoughts of others and navigate through them using "human mind friendly" views/representations.

What I DON'T want to do is semantics inferencing engine, ToDo list,
time organizer, RDF editor, cool graphics navigator, etc.
I DON'T believe in AI driven agents solving complex tasks, reliable expert system frameworks or semantic inferencing engines emulating human mind - your mind is unique and cann't be replaced. Understand it!

I prefer to keep things simple - therefore (after a few "wrong way" attempts coping with general graphs & RDF) I decided to build on top of traditional outliners approach that is proven by time.

Note that MR is ready for vision stated above - "behind the scene" is REST-wise data model, flexible resource representation and extensible metadata layer describing underlaying resources.

You may await feature-release roadmap corresponding to this vision soon. Stay tuned :-)

Conclusion: Focus matters, features suck.


Sunday, January 30, 2005

MR Goes to The Public

The first public release of the MindRaider is here! It aims to introduce key features of SW style outlining/mind mapping. Initially it includes typical outliner refactoring primitives, configurable rendering and search. You may download distributions from: