Sunday, January 30, 2005

MR Goes to The Public

The first public release of the MindRaider is here! It aims to introduce key features of SW style outlining/mind mapping. Initially it includes typical outliner refactoring primitives, configurable rendering and search. You may download distributions from:




Blogger slade winstone said...


I was very excited to find MindRaider released on sourceforge. Congratulations on a quite amazing piece of software!

I note that selecting a node/label in the notebook panel displays the associated concept in the concept pand and highlights and selects the associated node in the graph.

However, selecting a node in the graph does not seem to update the selected node/label in the notebook panel or the associated concept.

Is this a feature or a bug? Is there some other way to select the associated concepts from the selected graph node?


1:45 PM  

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