Monday, April 27, 2009

SLS3 Dilemma

After being injured twice this month (left and right carf, tentacle's tendons), I bought SLS3 compression socks. I was skeptic, but because I was in trouble I decided to give them a shot. The arguments sound reasonable and Paula Radcliffe (my woman runner idol) wears them several seasons - so they must be good, right? ;)

I did tempo workouts and a long run (>20 miles) and I'm pretty sure that it works. I feel much better, especially the recovery is significantly faster. The socks are designed properly, so I do not afraid of blisters even in the marathon. I look funny when I wear them, but at least I do not have to shave my legs :)

The problem is that I have a dilemma right now - should I wear them in my next race or not? Will see...



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