Wednesday, December 08, 2010

MindRaider: GPL > Apache 2.0

Today is an important day for MindRaider project. In the hope that it makes MR more open and usable I decided to change its license from GPL to Apache 2.0. New distributions were not released yet, but all the formal steps and source code changes has been already made. As a consequence of this decision sketches were removed, because their rendering was based on the library that is released under GPL. However existing sketches are still accessible in your document repository and you can edit them with Jarnal.

It is also indication that I'm going to invest most of my spare time from now on to the new project. But don't be affraid - I still use MindRaider on daily basis. I also don't foreclose possibility that they will exist the upgrade path from MindRaider to that new project.

Feel free to drop me an email in case that you would be interested in maintaining MR ;-)



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