Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A Dose of DnB

Best DnB buy 2008 is As far As we Go and Back Again (SpearHead). I bought this CD because I wanted to get Lomax's BrainFreeze track, but I keep listening the whole CD again and again and again...

I rediscovered DnB old dogs and I listen to various tracks of Omnitrio, Seba and LTJ's Earth CD series - back to the roots :)

For some time, I was not amazed by anything new - I mean a track that would be comparable to the smashing Commix debut. A couple of weeks ago I have finally heard something very special - Chase & Status remix of TopCat Ruffest Gun Ark that was played by Fabio in his show. The link above is unfortunately to the live version of the tune. It is also comming on new TopCat and Friction (Shogun) albums. There are several other remixes (even dubstep one), but Chase & Status did the best job. I like these old school/new sound track. Actually TopCat was the first jungle CD I bought back in 2000 :-P

There are several other tunes and albums (both old and new) that are also on my radar screen: The Trip, Toy Down, Cosmonaut, PJANOO by Logistics (Hospital), new Subfocus (Ram) album and Gold Rush, From bath with love by Danny Byrd (Hospital).



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