Saturday, December 31, 2005

MR @ LtU

MindRaider spotted on LtU ;-)

Nice post in which Mark puts MR into the context of desktop applications and SW technologies. Let me point to two quotes. The first of them hits one of the MR challenges - I mean human mind driven information correlation:
"There are dozens of little programs for narrow data types - address books, internet bookmark apps, password managers, photo albums, etc. How do you tell the address book that the photo album has pictures of the guy, and that his web link lives in the bookmark manager? Right now, you don't. And programs never organize data just the way you want. Besides, exceptions to the common format always arise. So the problem is not just searching documents and email, nice as that is, but organizing human details in useful ways."

In this context I would like to highlight importance of MR's integration with Gnowsis. In the second quote Mark proves that he understands importance of the RDF leveraged in transparent manner and added value of the ontology-based mind maps:
"Raw RDF may not be the ideal presentation but still seems a likely candidate for the underlying data model. Each individual develops a personal ontology (aka "working style" if you will) over years of time. RDF can capture that, but it will take friendly programs like Mind Raider."



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