Sunday, August 28, 2005

Enhanced Annotations

One of the key features of the incomming MR release will be enhanced annotations.

Currently it is possible to write any text annotation. If MR detects that it is a TWiki annotation, it attempts to preview that. Unfortunately this approach is neither user friendly nor extensible. A lot of users complaint that they do not know/like TWiki, that some kind of WYSIWYG should be better, that concepts interlinking is needed, etc. - and they are definitely right ;-)

That's why I started investigation of howto provide various types of annotations and with which open source projects to integrate. If I will be successful, you will be able to choose type of the annotation using which particular idea should be described in the future versions of MR. There will be available:
  • WYSIWYG for:
    • OneNote-like descriptions
    • Textual descriptions
  • Preview of:
    • TWiki description
    • HTML description
  • Other types of annotations are created without WYSIWYG and preview i.e. these are manipulated as plain text
Would you like to see a preview? Check screenshot above ;-) - now it is possible to choose type of the annotation, Jarnal (which is "Java OneNote") is already integrated, also it is possible to choose prefered MindRaider perspective (bottom-left corner).

More details will follow - stay tuned!



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