Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Klute @ FabGroove Show // BBC Radio 1

I'm listenning to the Fabio/Grooverider Radio every week for about 3 years (having log of that ;-). For me this is cool opportunity to determine what is going on in dnb. New releases, even white labels, interviews with the artists by guys who live in the scene.

This week Fab invited one of my favorite artists. Klute is dropping great tunes for quite a long time. I discovered his music when Klute founded his label Commercial Suicide. I already have both Lie Cheat & Steal and No One's Listening Anymore releases (double CDs). His sound is like... soft... liquid funk stuff which (sometimes @ the last album) sounds even like dub step. I have been already listening to The Emperor's New Clothes and like it much. Looking forward to get it - London 2 Prague, will take it few weeks...



Anonymous Anonymous said...

BBC 1Xtra and Radio 1 are 2 different stations from the BBC. Fabio and Grooverider are presenters on Radio 1. 1Xtra's main D&B DJ is L Double, he had Klute as a guest 3 weeks ago. Klute with Fabio & Grooverider will be on Radio 1. 1Xtra is a specialist black music station, and has 13 hours of D&B every week.

Klute LP is great. Long live the drums and the bass.

10:22 PM  
Blogger mindforger said...

what a shame! obviously you are right. thanks for the comment. it's fixed now. anyway, i was curious how/when i got confused... checked my archive and found the first show i came across (8th February 2003) having tag "Xtra Bass Week on 1Xtra"... that's it. i can read&hear "radio 1" almost every week and my brain simply ignores this information.

btw just listening to The Emperor's New Clothes ;-)

11:38 AM  

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