Thursday, May 03, 2007

AndyC @ Roxy Prague

Big shot to AndyC! I'm looking forward to this event for more than two months... and as usually - anytime I bought a ticket / rearrange my schedule / the action is not spontaneous... I'm down (fighting angina) :-Z

Anyway, I will be there because I can not help myself. I have seen Andy live several times - I still remember the set he used to smash Roxy 2 years ago. I really like RAM stuff (although sometimes it is a too hard for me), so Saturday is going to be BIG.

And that's not enough, Andy will return two months later and I guess that he will play something completely different, not too much RAM, expecting set similar to the One Nation 12/31/06.

Now let me finish my nano fight ;-)



Anonymous Anonymous said...

DJ Primo salutes the executioner!

Always been a great influence in my music.

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