Sunday, May 01, 2005

EU: Software Patents

If you are EU citizen, then you probably know that software patent related directives are currently processed by European commision. It's obvious that software patens are bad, that they threaten open software, obstruct computer science & SW evolution and are abused to make money. Please read more at

Also MindRaider can be threatened - for example by the United States Patent 6,031,537 on Graphical Interface for Linked Information. Just the short quote from the press release:

"... Its issuance creates a significant barrier to entry for companies considering developing similar technology and solidifies's position as the leading provider of visual information environments..."

It is typical example of the broadly defined patent that describes something that is being used for example in SW/AI area for decades. If applied, it can be used to crush also wide range of amazing tools like Freemind.

Therefore say NO to the SW patents!

For more details on how you may help please read homepage of one of the most popular open source applications - MPlayer that is being developed by hungarian Alex Beregszaszi.



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