Sunday, April 03, 2005

Gnowsis & MindRaider Synergy

For some time I'm in touch with Leo Sauermann - head of the Gnowsis project. Gnowsis semantic desktop is unique supa cool piece of software allowing you to interchange information among key applications you are using - like Firefox, Thunderbird and Outlook.

In fact, Leo discovered MindRaider and asked me whether I would like to integrate MR with Gnowsis project - I was surprised & delighted. Integration with Gnowsis will enable MindRaider to attach any resource (like email, bookmark, link, etc) that will be known to Gnowsis to arbitrary Concept ;-) On the other hand, via Gnowsis it will be possible to associate thoughts & ideas created in MindRaider with your homepage, blog or interesting mail you received from your friend.

Integration effort as at the beginning - stay tuned...



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