Saturday, February 12, 2005

Summoning Vodyanoi

I promised a high-level roadmap of future releases - here it is...

As I stated many times ago, my primary goal is to drive MR prototype forward with strong focus on my vision - which is in fact distributed layer on top of MR codenamed Vodyanoi. So here are the - goals/objectives of the major releases:

  1. Interoperability
    The first goal is to provide resource representation that will enable users to freely transfer they thoughts to/from MindRaider in some interoperable form. Unfortunately it is very complicated to choose proper outline representation...

    OPML is designed to prevent interoperability (possibly intentionally). Simply it allows you to do anything you want using very unusual pattern. In addition it's license can be a trap.

    OML seems to be promising and I like it, but there is almost no progress for a long time.

    PML is in its early draft stage.

    HEML is supplementary standards to be used for timelines visualization.

    The last release includes experimental OPML and TWiki shorthand export. But this is just a beginning :-) in the future I plan to provide import/export for each of the specs listed above (order matters).

  2. Data Model Finalization
    Although MR data model is designed, it is not implemented at all - (low-level technical issues).

    There is still missing RDF model for Folders which will enable creation of recursive thematical domains, Attachments are not represented in resources and categorization is not used at all (in spite of the fact that ontologies are already prepared).

    In order to minimize changes of the data model (backward compatibility), I would like to solve all this stuff before Vodyanoi will be released for the first time.

  3. Vodyanoi Foundation
    After the interoperability and model stabilization milestones will be reached, I plan to deliver the Vodyanoi prototype. Again, analysis is already finished - I will just need some spare time to implement it ;-)

    Vodyanoi will allow you to surf your Folders/Notebooks/Concepts using browser. XHTML representation of these resources will follow state of the art RDF/XHTML symbiosis following the SW ideas. You will be allowed to subscribe for Notebooks of you friends and to annotate their Concepts with your thoughts. Thus the Vodyanoi empire will be spawn...



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