Sunday, January 02, 2022

MindForger 1.53.0: Spell check, Kanban and Eisenhower Matrix on tags, CSV OHE export and µ terminal

 This major MindForger release brings:

  • Hunspell-based spell checking
  • Kanban style organizer of notebooks and/or notes on tags allowing you to plan and structure your learning
  • Eisenhower Matrix organizer of notebooks and/or notes on tags to assess priorities
  • ability to edit notes with external editor, WYSIWYG or tool 
  • CSV notes export with one-hot-encoded tags which can be used to build machine learning models for your remarks or any set of Markdown documents
  • minimal terminal allowing you to run commands directly from MindForger e.g. to push your knowledge to a Git repository or to run external applications
  • configuration of custom CSS for Markdown to HTML rendering in viewer 
  • repository specific configuration
  • lazy (PDF) documents indexation POC
  • various minor fixes and enhancements
I wish you happy and successful 2022!

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