Monday, April 27, 2009

1/2 marathon PB: 1:29:27 > 1:23:16 > 1:21:59

I have improved my half-marathon best two times this year. PIM - first I cut more than 6 minutes. Check very nice race simulator (Google maps mashup). Pardubice - I was injured week before the race, I got a wrong number due to organizers fault, I had to make Jeff Galloway's walking break intermezzo... despite of that, I set my new personal best and cut more than minute to 1:21:59 ;)

Kubik also finished his first big race in Pardubice. He was riding tuned Specialized hotwalk and obviously had his personal pacemaker.

Prague International Marathon: half marathon, 1:23.17, 125th place/4537 runners.

Pardubice Half-marathon (Czech championship): half marathon, 1:21:59, 87th place/826 runners.



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