Thursday, April 24, 2008

Trip to Boston MA

Lately I returned Boston MA where I attended HP Tech Con 08. As usually even to get there was an adventure - no seat from Prague to London (but booked seat from London to Boston), delayed flight and missing stand in London and less then 2 hours to connect the flight at ESB powered Heathrow Terminal 5. Roman scared me enough, but finally everything went OK and I safely arrived to Boston on time.

HP Tech Con is prestigious HP technology conference. You have to earn your way there by writing a paper that is judged against more than 1200 of other papers written by the best technologists in the company - like the one on memristor. There are only about 120 papers accepted and therefore I was very honored to get an invitation. Actually I was the only Czech attendee :)

Presentations were excellent, I met a lot of interesting people and definitely I will strive to attend the next year again.

It was my 3rd time in Boston, I visited Harward and MIT Museum. After the conference ended I also did 10 mile workout from the hotel to Charles River. And also I met my ex-Systinet colleague.

Nice trip ;-)

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